Co-leaders, what’s required?

Just curious…how do you become a co-leader? I’ve seen upto 11 co-leaders on a team


The Leader can assign whoever they want as Co-Leaders. There is no requirement.


Sometimes I wonder if they make the majority of their team a co- leader so people won’t send them invites!

What does the co-leaders do to help the leaders?

It depends on each club. My club does it when our leader sees we have made mins for our first week. It then allows us to post notes when we have life events and need to idle or report we maxed on a club quest. It also acts as a warning system to those who break the club rules. They get demoted and then booted if they don’t shape up. Even as coleaders we know not to make any perk order, club motto, or player changes. Those are only done by the leader. Hope that explanation makes sense to you!

Does a leader or co leader get compensated in any way? What is the advantage to being a leader?

Just a bit more control/responsibility.

As a coleader, I consider it my responsibility to keep everyone excited and cheer them on.

At Christmas, I received a gift chest from the game for being a leader. Otherwise, I’ve never received anything.

Advantage: leaders can’t be booted out.
Disadvantage: it can be a lot of work! Especially when needing to find good players to fill open spots. Some days I spend my time managing and hardly get to play.

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