ClubHoose needs 4-5 reliable players

We’re not an overly demanding club, don’t have minimum daily points but do expect everyone to play every day and play their Tribute games every day. We all have lives outside of the game though so I don’t want to go crazy with rules. We’ve been in Gold League for quite a while and we’re happy there, not necessarily looking to move up to Platinum. We do finish at least 4 perks every week. With a few more reliable players I’m sure we could knock out at least 5.

I’d really like to find a few more players who like to play as a team to work towards club quests and club competitions. We have a great core group of players currently but a slightly bigger group of reliable players sure would make game play more fun!

If you like to play for the fun of the game, please check us out! ClubHoose

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