Club tributes\points

It should be a way to take your club point and tributes to your new team, we do work to hard to throw them away

I know everyone is different but it is a respect thing to wait until new perk start. You hurt both yourself and your team by leaving mid week. I know from experience.

I think if someone leaves a club the club should keep the points, but if they are kicked out they should get to take the points with them. Seems to be the fairest solution. I also wish somewhere it listed your total club earnings since you started playing.


It does. Tap your name on the roster page.

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That only shows your points with your current club. I’m in my 5th club.

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Personally I think the rule on this needs to change. If you leave the club by your choice you lose your points but the club keeps them for the week…they could go to the club leader. However if you are kicked out of a club then your club points stay with you to the new club. I think this will cut down on the club jumping.

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