Club Tournaments Launch

In the coming weeks we will be launching Club Tournaments! Find out more in the Solitaire TriPeaks Blog:

If you have questions about Club Tournaments, please post them below and we’ll do our best to answer them. Likewise, if you have feedback, please feel free to leave it below and we’ll make sure that the feedback gets to the development team!


Ahh seems pretty exciting :grinning::grinning:, i do have a question will the rank reward gems still remain as is?

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Wow, I’m excited! It sounds and looks like the leaderboard set up. I too wonder how the reward system will be set up. I can’t wait!


I am super excited LOL :joy::joy::joy::rofl:


I’m thinking clubs will still rank similar to what it is now, but instead of competing with 100,000 clubs (or whatever it is now), the clubs will be competing with similar ranked clubs, to try to get into higher leagues! More (if not all) clubs (that are active) will probably receive rewards! It sounds like probably all 4 of my clubs will probably receive rewards! Woohoo!


Looked at the intro to tournament play and am excited! But, looking at the example of the Rookie League, #1 Club has over 280,000 points. Reward is 100 gems. #3 Club has over 6,000 points and the reward is 50 gems. Have never thought the distribution of gems was equitable, doesn’t look like that is going to change.


It seems it will be like the red star leader board


It sounds like a promising idea. The top clubs get tons of rewards while the clubs under 500 keep struggling. It’s like the “rich” get richer with much more perks…I’m looking forward for the club tournaments with lower ranking clubs getting more opportunities to achieve more perks. Good for morale and will inspire greater competition.


I am excited about this. Have been hoping for something like this since the intro of rhe red star leagues. Our team has had its ups & downs. Many have work & families, their activities that all curtail game play. While we usually can snag 6 perks we will rarely crack the top 500 much less top 100 so this will make it more competitive for us!

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Fantastic… finally I have been saying this should be done for a long time… exactly like this just like the Red Star.

Now If the over all top ten clubs and such could be the same.

One thing though… GSN needs to STOP pushing players to be Taken to other clubs.

GSN should also go through all of these CLUBS with NO activity an eliminate them. I was going through a bunch other day NO activity in over 368 days


Do we know how teams are going to be placed in the tournament brackets to begin with?

Will we still be able to use the Discover tab to look at other clubs that may not be in the same League as the one we are in?

When does this really start?

You can see what the gem rewards by tapping the Tournament Widget!

First impression is pretty impressive! However, I think it is kind if silly to post on our chat everything going on with the tournament. We are all pretty smart people, obviously, because we are playing this game, :). We can figure out where our team is on our own. Just a suggestion! Thank you for your hard work.


Yes I am playing LOL we are doing awesome at the moment started diamond league

Thanks for the response :blush::blush::blush:

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Just to ask, my club is in since today, BUT no more ads and no more coins for me…is it a coincidence or what? Thank you!

So it looks like no club will ever get gems again unless you are Top 5 in your league. My club while not one of the best we are pretty competitive and were rank 450 or better 95% of the time. That resulted in us getting gems. Now we will get 25,000 coins. Whoop dee do! As a Club Leader this is NOT a good thing and I will find that my club will not care as much as before. Pls chg it back or let the clubs be rewarded with gems for their hard work!

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The league play is awesome my team really likes it. However. We don’t like the constant reminder in chat from the League Guy what our status in. Could you put the league guy over in the league. Like in red stars. Will he go away after a few weeks. Thank you so much for the improvements. Our team is having a blast


Loving this new addition to the game!!!

Our club has an opportunity to earn so many more gems than before usually we earn 250 per week! If we keep our stats up we are looking at 900 gems :blush::blush::blush:

Thank you Tripeaks you rock!!! :wink::laughing::sunglasses::blush: