Club that buys each other gifts and is supportive has opening for one new player

Honest Play has an opening. We have only an 8k minimum per week although most players do over 20k. Active every 36 hours. I know people have lives :). We treat each other to gifts. Sometimes just one in a week. Sometimes 7 or 8 in a week. We always hit at least 5 perks. We have been #1 in our league every week except once when we were #2. We are supportive group. I post tips and advice daily. You must click the club gift whenever you can. Send us an invite and message me here with your game name :slight_smile:


I would love to join your club but when I search for it in the game, I can’t find it. Dana Berry is my game name.

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We have one spot open now if you are still looking for a club! @Berrygirl6911. Search Honest Play

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