Club Spotlight: Kellcat

solitaires tripeaks is best game to me :slight_smile:

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Congratulations Kellcat,s!!! What a heart touching share​:heartbeat:. I am so sorry for your lost and so proud of all of you for carrying on in Kellie’s honor! :hugs: I’m sure you guys all have made her proud and put a big smile on her :heartbeat:.
I miss and remember my dad as always being positive and making people laugh, encouraging everyone to live, laugh and love. Don’t give up, but fight a good fight, give it your best and be content with the outcome. My dad always loved spring time and would often quote this poem with a funny face in a silly voice, mind you he didn’t have any teeth, so made it even funnier!
"Spring has sprung, the grass is ris… I wonder where the birdies is?! Lol :bird::joy:

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RIP Kellie, a team player till the end.

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Oh my heart :`( I did not know Kellie passed. She was very caring, selfless person. Years ago while looking for friends to share coins with, she told me she kept a list of people who needed coins to share, and would put me on that list. I became friends with many of her teams players and others thanks to her. Without knowing anything about how I played she invited me to join KellCats. I had just joined my first team prior to that. She said if it ever did not work out, I was always welcome. I ended up staying where I am (2+ years) but never forgot her kindness, and thought highly of her. RIP beautiful Kellie, a rare gem.


What a beautiful tribute. R.i.p

One of the wonderful things I miss of someone whose no longer with us is my grandmother age 87 would giggle away like she was a young child when we’d drive by a dealership that had a sky dancer/floppy tall guy that would be blowing around with it’s arms and hair blowing around. Every time I see one I always remember my grandma and her giggle

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Its always hard when you lose someone you love

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How poignant this is. Cancer is a battle like no other; it would be so great in our lives if our finances kept renewing, we kept earning rewards as well as getting them free, and everyone would be nice to each other. Our gaming lives can teach us a lot! Clearly it was this part of Kellie’s life (amongst other things) which meant a lot to her; that continuous optimism and fervour for the game, and the camaraderie. Also, she could just be Kellie with her team. What a shock for everyone…l was in Kellie’s shoes SIX YEARS AGO and I do feel blessed…however, I too wondered about goodbyes and how to do them.
She did hers with dignity, and the only way left open to her.
I shall think of Kellcats often :heart:️:kissing_heart:

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I miss my dad he died at the age of 55 of cancer he inspired me to live life to the fullest enjoy your family and friends and be the best person you can be treat other with respect thank you dad for being best dad in the world. Sorry to hear about your team member

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Thank you for such an inspiring tribute to a wonderful person Kellie. She will definitely be missed. Her legacy lives on thanks to her team.
I lost my young 25 year old cousin in March 2018. What I miss is the joy and laughter he brought to any situation. He lit up a room when he walked in and people were never the same having met him. I miss you very much Julian.

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OMG what an AMAZING AND TOUCHING STORY! It brought tears to my eyes!:cry: I lost my son (34) last year to a massive heart attack and struggle to accept it. RIP KELLI​:sparkling_heart:

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Sorry about that - there was a bad link before. It should work now. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone. Your thoughts are appreciated. And best wishes to Kellie’s family and family of friends.

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,


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red. that player inspires me.

Wow what a touching story. I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s nice that you stepped up and continue on. Thank you for sharing

Thank You, when do I get the wild cards?

I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad you’ve got a team that can be there for each other. And will always be a legacy for Kellie.

Well said. My most members on my team share everything. An others hint. It does become a family

Heartfelt story. My sister would have loved playing solitaire Tripeaks

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I’m so sorry for their loss​:pensive::pensive:…RIP KELLI

I love your all your answers especially #8 :green_heart: