Club Shop and free prizes when enough members cluck to get items free

Can anyone tell me why most Gold League, all Plat. And Diamond Leagues do not go to the Club Shop and click on the box so that all their members win a sm gift free? Is the Club penalizes for doing that? You would think as easy as it is to get something free every team would do it. Thanks everyone for your help!


That situation sounds doubtful on the platinum and diamond league teams. My first team was a middling ranking gold league team and it was hard to get 15 people to unlock the gift, but above that to maintain platinum and diamond league status would require a significant amount of playing and likely those players would unlock the gift.

Long story made shorter. Your have an apathetic player base OR inability to have 15 teammates log in within 12 hours at a time.


I have yet to get the gift shop gift also we get all the way up to need three more people and we’ve got 25 teammates


The free gift is the easiest part of the game, I think.
A few clicks and you get a prize.
The free gift prizes are FREE so some days you only get 900coins but I love it when it’s a booster or free play.

A majority of your team needs to get on daily for this to happen



My team/club is in Platinum and we always check the box and get the prize…usually it’s small but it’s something.


Teresa - our team, DIRTY DUCKS, always checks the box for the club gift. Every little bit helps!

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It is a problem for all clubs.Even our best player does not always collect the free Club gift.It may have to do with time zones.The free gift do not always start at the same time,and the player may not not play it because time ran out.

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Do the club members who don’t help to get the free gift actually get the gift, too, even though they haven’t contributed to getting it?