Club Rules and Requirements

Ok, here’s the deal. Most clubs have requirements. If it says 1k before going idle, that means they expect you to get 1,000 club points before you leave the game after entering. So please, be prepared to play when you join a team like this. Don’t join at end of your lunch hour and figure you’ll come back hours later. You might could explain your situation in chat that you’ll be back after you get home and they may give you a break. Otherwise, don’t be shocked if they boot you. There are tons of teams that require next to nothing…and their rewards are the same. If you want on a competitive team, be prepared to play according to their rules.

It’s really simple: READ THE RULES. Be ready to play when you join.


Exactly. The club I’m in has a rule to be at 10000 coins by Tuesday but we had one that refused to reach that but never would tell anyone if they were sick, working, etc, but yet when the perks were ready to be counted, that person was there to collect those. A few of us started complaining about it and that person finally left. All the club leader of our group asked was for the 10000 limit and to collect tributes. What’s so hard about that?


I am in a top diamond league club. We have a 3k before idle rule. We may go through 10 to 15 players before we find one who will do this. We started having them type that they agree to the rules when they come in. Even those who do go idle after 2k or so and not say a word. We might give them an hour or two, but only because the leader works days and can’t be on all of the time.


Thank you for saying that. It is so true. We require 3,000 before you go idle. I won’t say how many we have removed because of that and the fact they don’t talk.


YES! YES! YES! I hate when people do that! We dropped from 2500 to 1000 before idle and they still can’t/won’t do this! They’ll get like 850 or close, but never the 1000. It pisses me off and I’ve evicted people left and right. Its not like we’re asking for your first born people! All we want is for you to show that you’re interested in being a team player! And we put in our club notes and also from me (leader) and my co-leader when we welcome new people to please read club notes and acknowledge that you understand them. Yet 8 times out of 10 people won’t even do that!! We have a really solid team and don’t think this is fair to the rest of the team for new people to come and don’t do jack. I’d rather have an empty spot than to have someone doing absolutely nothing! I’ve griped repeatedly to members about taking 30 seconds to say “i can’t play right now, but I’ll be back later” to at least let us know SOMETHING! We have one member who doesn’t do ANY tribs, but they’re a really good player and always in the top 10, which is the ONLY reason we don’t evict them.

Just out of curiosity, do your leaders welcome new people when they join? Me and my co-leaders always welcome new people and just out of common courtesy I feel people should say Hi or thank you for inviting me or something to let me know they’re ready to play on a good team. I


Yes, usually say, “Welcome, (name)! Thank you for joining us. Please read Club Notes. 1k before exiting game. Good luck!”

If people think 1k is bad, when I first joined a top Legend team a couple years ago, had to get 10k before going idle. Was hard, let me tell you. Took me 4 hours, but did it. Now they ask 5k. 10k a bit hard. lol

By the way, you can copy/paste in chat. Makes that long sentence much easier. :slight_smile:


Amen! As leader of a team with some rules I expect them to be followed if you want to stay with us. Our requirements are not tough but still some go idle just after joining and that’s just not respectful.


I agree with you on the idle stuff and also at least say something when we ask a question.We have had some join only to come on and not do one game… If you join and maybe can’t play right away at least say I will be back later to do so. But no they join and then leave till the next day or whatever. We do say welcome to the club but not all respond. Sad thing I had in rules if you go idle for two days to let us know. It don’t matter no one does. And same for playing some hardly play , but are there to pick up the perks and all the goodies.
I think IAM going to just have to post a new message and start booting if not doing their share


You are so right…
But it don’t matter they still do what they want. I mean if you do not play after joining at least say why and at least try and do something. Sometimes it is so frustrating. I was in the hospital and still managed to play. And I had reason. IAM the leader but if you have a reason and mention it I would work it out. But no one ever does.

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I even put in our club notes DO NOT GO IDLE IMMEDIATELY AFTER JOINING WITHOUT DOING YOUR 1000 POINTS. So many don’t even bother reading the club notes or chat for that matter. We can ask someone a question and the person never replies, so we know they don’t read chat.

Or even read chat!! No reply to anything we say or even a question we might ask someone in particular.

Our club welcomes everyone. I need to ask my club members what they think of asking a 1000 point requirement after joining.

Well then there u go! U gotta do what u got to Do!!