Club recruitment

2 new group members needed. Must play tributes n score minimum 10,000 points. 42 hrs non-play removed. We play 1, 2, 3, within 1 day then 6, takes 2 days then 4, 5, extra chest if there is one. Everyone is friendly. People play from around the world. Usual rank between 800 this time is 950 so releasing 2 players that score under 1000 n don’t show up to often. They r nice people but we just need help with the scores. Answer here or send email to or Will interview all that apply continually… Fun N The Sun2

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Marcella icon leader
Christina ,Amy, Rafel, Vickie, satilino, Artilino, yeung,Santo,Diana, Sarah, Mandy, Alberta, Jenn, Lisa, hunter, heath, Dana,Linda,Luke, Kimberly,

I’m new and active now that I have a better understanding of team requirements. I’m #1 on my leader board but my team mates aren’t very active or helpful. Thanks for your consideration, m3

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Can I ask what you usually score? Do you work on volcano tributes?if u r still interested I will talk to my coleaders :wink: them for replying

Add me as friend at Let me know when your ready then go to fun n the sun n request join : @ ). Again ty for your interest