Club recruitment Team Blazed

Team Blazed is seeking members who are committed to being a team player. It is not difficult to stay in a diamond ranked team , if every member just does their part . We ask for 5k daily mimimum . Do your share in the club quests, and just let the team know by communicating either privately or in our fb group if for any reason you can not complete the current quest or you are going to be out longer than the max idle time. We dont need the reason, just a common coutesy to let the team know u cannot play. I know many teams are recruiting out there , and the game has become difficult and players are quitting the game after years of playing. This has caused alot of teams to be short players. We have a SOLID 21 players on our team but filling those last spots w team players has proven to be difficult.
We currently low ranked diamond bc short 3 members . We do have fun , chat , and also get to know our members and are there for support whatever the issue will be . If youre looking to join a close knit friendly team , please check us out. We get goldie first as well. Digging is optional .
Good luck to all searching


I would love to join your club. Im a serious player. Finish all club quests etc. Im looking for a diamond club for the challenge. Thanks Tina

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You have been accepted! I got one leaving . come in and join the party .

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Thank you! It wont let me in. It says your full.

We are happy to Have Tina on our team !
We still have an opening ! Come check us out !
Best of luck to all still searching. You will find that perfect fit !

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