Club Recriutment

Hi I’m looking for a team for 2 or 3 weeks as I come from diamond /legend team but am in hospital atm I’m an Aussie who normally plays daily normally 80k at least a week but looking for gold club atm cause I’m in hospital keep up with chat so if U can offer me something for 3 weeks at most I would b very grateful my name is Coby Haar recently left Relaxed World

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Mermaid Lake has an opening. We are a solid Gold team that occasionally makes Platinum. Hope you get better soon.
Update: both of our open spots were filled.

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Hi there, have a look at Going Up - we could use someone even for just a few weeks :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t found a club already, we’d be happy to have you at Moe Time. Gold club, low requirements

Martinis. We fluctuate between gold and platinum. A good player just left to take a break so it would be great to have you join us for a bit.

Angel Stars would put you up! That is fine we are gold we have great players! Invite on Kathleen request we will accept! Thank you

Starting Fresh Gold Team would love to have you. Get well soon.

You’re welcome to come and join us at Fight2. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Take care.

Baby GoGo Boots would like to have you .


Have you found a club yet?

Club Full English, we’re a relaxed Gold League club, who allows our core members to be inactive (with reason) up to six weeks. As long as there’s communication and a reason given, we’re fine if our members can’t hit targets.

We believe in playing for fun and know that everyone has real lives, that they won’t always be at their best.

We’re mainly British, but also have members all over the world, for a fun mix!

Anyway, I hope everything goes well with your hospital stay.

You are very welcome to come in our team. Handsdown4ever. If we are on invite only or full request in and we will get you in. We get most all club quest and most special quest. Very friendly team. We can work with you. Sorry your in hospital. Hope you get better. Leaders name is sandie. Hope you come