Club Race Information

I’ve read the link that (kind of) describes the Club Race, but… My understanding is that it doesn’t earn club points and benefits only the people competing - like Club Competitions and digging.

It would be nice if a ‘trial run’ was available. I can’t find where anyone has really rated the Race, or mentioned anything about how much in coins I’m going to blow in order to play successfully.

I know that the answer will be different for everyone, but…is playing this side game worth it?

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Yes, I feel that, too. We are playing it, and will determine if this is something worthwhile while in the future. The information they provided was very vague indeed!

How do we know if the other teams are real? We can’t see what’s happening to the other clubs, if they hit an island or not…yet they seem to get so far ahead so quick!

We do get club points. Each qualifed player gets free plays for each day. We’ve played it since it rolled out and it has been great. It won’t be great if your club is not a team. The competition are real clubs.

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In my experience, or club played it the first time and it was extremely costly for us, so we decided against playing again

Our team played last week we had 12 enter ,
Club points were awarded .
If you lose the game you get no advance or block earned so it’s kind like the dig you have to win the game to participate for that turn,…
We did place 1st but from my observation we over used turns on blocking and could have advanced more but we were 1st and held 1st …
It did seem to cost more then then what received even in 1st place it was a chest similar to a double Diamond I believe it had 12 rewards cards …

Thank you for your responses. The club that I’m in states that the Race is optional; however, most of the members do participate in it…which makes me wonder if those who do not are viewed as not being team-oriented… I guess that’s a question I’m going to have to ask.

It is a team game but if you choose not to enter your team shouldn’t consider that as not being a team player… optional means your choice …
It can be costly and once every team figures that out and pushes for 1st with the biggest pay out it will become more costly to play and keep your team in 1st …
If I had to guess the chest gets smaller with rank…
I choose not to play this time…
And who knows if it will stay or just something that shows up like the seashore game …or it could still be in test mode🤷🏻‍♀️
Best of luck to you .

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If it’s optional, your team can’t hold not participating against you. I’m a co-leader, and our team would prefer if people are limited in coins/time/boosters that they focus on the club quests and getting perks over side games.

One trick that wasn’t simple to find is clicking on your boat to see what defenses you currently have. I had no idea how that worked the first time I played. And you can click on the obstacles to see what your chances are of making it through them. I wasted time/coins/boosters the first time I played thinking I needed defense when I was about to pass an obstacle, but it could be fully earned by then.

When it comes to the dig, which is optional for us, not playing is fine. Entering and getting less than 29 shovels or digging holes all over isn’t. I save my 2x streak boosters for the dig…but don’t have enough for the race…so for that I usually get 6 or if I get a great hand, 10 points.

Thanks for your response, Mindy. I’m currently in a really great upper Legends club. Most of the members do participate in the Race, which - in my opinion - takes time and assets from advancing further up the Legends’ ladder. We do get all club quests and the Extreme perk, which makes me wonder why I’m even discussing this. I think I just have a natural dislike of everything/anything that doesn’t advance the club…which means ALL side games.


We have a member pushing it. I am in for the Club Perks. Everything is costing so much more to play and can’t get further. I wish they’d take both these games away. they contribute nothing to the “clubs”

Yesterday was my lucky day, because I found a top tier club that doesn’t allow digging and allows - but doesn’t encourage - the Race.

Unfortunately, these side games - or ones similar - are here to stay. The reason? Greed!!! They eat up coins like crazy. If someone has the money to spend on this game, that’s their right. However, it just encourages TriPeaks owners to continue what they’re doing. Customer enjoyment and satisfaction are no longer priorities. Making money, by whatever means possible, is!!