Club quests update

Update please on what’s happening with the clubqueats. It’s been too long with no idea what’s happening


I was thinking they said they would be testing with different clubs, but want them to be “glitchless” (is that a word?) LOL


They did but if anyone is getting them tested it’s the top clubs I believe, which is stacked again as they get enough bonuses and they haven’t updated progress to anyone else they need to.

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It makes sense to me that they would want to test club quests with clubs that are active enough to complete them. But I would think they would also test with clubs that are not as active, so they’ll know what happens when a club does not complete the quest quickly. I’m sure that’s an important test.

If they don’t get it right, it’ll increase the number of trouble tickets, and unhappy players. I’m trying to wait patiently, although that’s not easy, because I REALLY LOVE those club quests, but I keep reminding myself that I’d rather let them get it right! LOL


Maybe they should look at clubs out of top 50 because of the perception it gives, to anyone in a club lower, whilst I get what your saying about needing clubs that finish quests to check they work, as a top 200 club member we did always finish the quests, but never get the opportunity to be tested on. Hence perception it’s massively biased.

I see your point, but with tens of thousands of clubs, is a very high number of people that play. I am sure they will want a crowd of people to test, how many, I do not know. It’s like the lottery, pretty high stakes of actually winning. The same action is who gets picked, that is alot of clubs to pick from

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No club has club quests, based on everything and have read.

Whether they have started the testing or not, I don’t have any idea. However, I think the testing would be a mix of all different groups. That is what testing it for… a good mix. Otherwise testing is not a good representation of the players as a whole.