Club quests so unfair

How is it top teams have club quests back & the rest of us dont… so wrong

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I believe they said when they implement it, they’ll test it first on some clubs instead of rolling it out to everyone at once.

That makes sense to me, because if it is still having problems, I’d rather have 5,000 people complaining, than a million people LOL

That is good news though, that means they made progress & soon we’ll all have that feature again!


When club quests do come back it will be tested first with a few players to ensure they are running properly, but it is random testers that are chosen, not specific clubs. I’m not sure if all players in the club will be able to test or not the club quests


I’m in the top team, and we don’t have club quests back yet either, we all miss them :frowning:


Tracy, when testing does begin, it would seem to me that clubs would have to participate and not individual players. Otherwise how would club quests be completed if not all players in the club had the opportunity to play? Am I missing something here or maybe misunderstand your post?

No, as a matter of fact a few players that are in my club are testing club quests now I am not a part of the testing

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Wow, that’s interesting @Tracy, but as far as I could tell, it seemed like timing to complete the quest was a big issue, and is probably what they are testing, But I also noticed that the game also had the ability to give lesser challenges to clubs with less participating, so completing these quests would be possible even though not everyone has the ability to help.

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Tracy is it possible that what they’re receiving are daily bonus quests (related to club points). It’s still an individual quest tho

No it is club quests

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That’s good news to me @Tracy, that means it’s back into testing. Woohoo. Hopefully they solved the problems & will have it back soon. I did enjoy the club quests :smiley: