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Question about club quests. Wondering why our club is getting quests that require more members than we currently have? Latest example; tribute quest requires 25, we have 21 members.


@Smoothy, welcome to the forum! That’s a great question. We have had the same happen. My assumption is that the club quest programming is likely not linked with the number of players for this particular quest.

If you haven’t already done so, submit a HELP request just to give them feedback. It’s my understanding that those kinds of questions go right to the developers to work out the kinks. If you don’t know where it’s located, click on your pic, then HELP and CONTACT US.


I’m not sure exactly how they judge club quest but have noted a few things.
-the more times you win them such as 12000 points needs 10 members the next time it goes up to 15000 with 11 members (just an example) same with wins, plays and so on
If you keep winning the numbers go up.
But if you lose it drops either a member off OR lowers the amount needed.
If you keep losing they may drop but could take some time as I think it’s a tier system… BUT I COULD BE WRONG🤣
In most club quest Iv found this EXCEPT the tributes our team has got the 25 members one. before lost a few it dropped to 24 we lost that and it’s back to 25 which dose not make sense


I sent a help request about this once they told me a club can have 25 members so I needed to get more members, there was nothing they could do. I wanted to throat punch them!


Ya, not the best response.


1same answer I got too

I think the number of players required is based upon your league. Diamond & up is 25. Not sure about platinum. I was on a resting team in a low league for awhile. Can’t remember exact number required but around 19.


I’ve never seen 25 players required on a club quest “except” on Tribute Tracker. I’ve been in top teams, maximum players usually 22. On top teams, cq’s are: 4K club points, 150 red stars, 40 wins & play 95 games. If you miss maxing one, it is less next time. For example, if you don’t max 150 red stars each, next time it is 125 red stars each.

As far as asking for more players than you have, if you have people join, then leave or get booted, the system apparently counts them for next cq.

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