Club quests disabled

What is going on with club quests disabled? Is this ever going to be fixed?

Yes, they are working on a fix and testing. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer!


Thanks Tracy. It just has been disabled for a while.


I miss them too!!!


But it seems they are only testing with the top ranked clubs. Has anyone really see a test club quest?

Can I ask how do you know they are only testing with only top clubs?

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I don’t but that is usually where most of the testing starts.
That’s also why I asked if anyone has seen a test quest.

They chose a variety of clubs and players. I have tested a couple of things in the year and a half I have been playing. It’s randomly picked. My club runs in the 200-300 rank

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Is that just on normal daily quest? How did you know it was a test?

You don’t get notified when it happens, they just arrive, and just a few of us got the extra quests . We knew it must have been testing because of it. We had them for 1 week

Question would be does everyone in the club get the same daily quest each day?

As far as I know yes

Ok thanks
Will ask my members and try to figure it out.

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