Club quests causing tension. Advice?!

I have a great club with wonderful people. We are always in top 200. We typically always got the club quests done, but when we started missing a few tension started. People who were completing their portion would get upset and ask who didn’t max and then complain about having spent all their coins to max for nothing. People who didn’t complete were evidently starting to feel shamed on, even when they normally do max. I am very understanding… I get that sometimes people can’t do it. I don’t want fighting and arguing in my club, so I told everyone we are not to discus club quests anymore and that everyone should try their best of they get done they get done if not we move on. Many people complimented my words and some were silent. Now the club is quiet, and our position has dropped 50 ranks since. I know many clubs argue about club quests and I hate it. I wish they would get rid of them honestly. What I am wondering is if anyone else has had this issue, what they tried to do to fix it and the outcome, any suggestions or any resolutions people have found. This is very challenging to deal with as a club leader. I feel like there is no resolution and I just want everyone to be happy have fun and have no animosity. Thank you!


As a leader myself, I feel your pain. My club is the same and as yet have not come up with a solution. Sorry. Good luck. Hopefully someone her will have a solution for you. :slight_smile:


Yes, and I agree as you climb in rank the quests get harder, we have some that just cannot complete, and some quests are just extreme. I believe that the new club quest system is affecting the fun in the game, I look forward to other replies, maybe there is a solution!


Since telling my club we are not to talk about quests anymore other than words of encouragement, we have gotten the last 2 out of 2. Working on third now. Fingers crossed. Also as incentive in club notes I am putting club quest streak. Maybe that will help.

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We have members type maxed in chat, then in club notes we keep a list of who has maxed the quest.
I always take a second a make a comment about awesome job on maxing…or a positive remark to ever member!

I also keep a chart some members aren’t team players and they miss quest after quest. Which is unfair to the team. They are usually talked to if we can or removed from the team.