Club Quest requests - leader settings and individual status

First, let me say THANK YOU for bringing back club quests. It is a really fun part of the team dynamic.

Second, we are having a few growing pains with them, and two things could really help prevent the frustration from team members who complete all the quests vs. the team members who just can’t:

  1. Let leaders set a minimum number of team players they want. For example, I would like to get quests that require 16 or less people. We almost always lose the ones that need 18 people - and it makes some of our team members mad. So it would be much better if I could “turn off” and not even see quests that require 18 people.

  2. Make it easier to know how far along I am personally on a club quest. In addition to the team bar, could you add an individual bar? For example, let’s say a quest needs 320 red stars from 16 people (which is 20 each). I would love to see a count of just my results (10/20, 15/20, 20/20 - green checkmark).

I know the game pauses at my score but I can’t always read it and it doesn’t give me a personal total needed (so I don’t know I need to get 20 total).

Thanks for considering! We appreciate how the developers are always making improvements for us and keeping the game fun and exciting.