Club Quest Recommendations

Love the game, but the club quests are starting to get boring. I’d love to see more variety in Club Quests. Perhaps take some of the individual quests and recreate for the club?

  1. Tribute Collection
  2. Coin Collection
  3. Clearing a certain suit or card
  4. Gold Star Collection
  5. Playing and/or winning certain number of games on various areas ok including Expert levels.

I haven’t been bored yet @Erin_Randall, but I LOVE these suggestions! I bet Tripeaks will love it too! Make sure you (and anyone else who loves it), make an official suggestion.

In the game, tap on the Menu button top left corner then Help then Contract us at the bottom of the screen.

I’m going to do that right now :slight_smile:


Ok, done :slight_smile:


@Erin_Randall… Great ideas!

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