Club Quest Reawards

We are grateful that the Club Quests have returned. However, my team is becoming very despondent with the rewards of these quests, as they feel they put in more work and coins into to the quest than that what it is paying out and it is wasting their time and coins,
Bring back the 22000 coin reward.


So grateful to have them back. I like that they are a bit more challenging. At least a few easier ones are tucked in there too tho.


I’m glad they’re back too but yeah, there’s a lot of coins wasted. My team will keep paying for more cards if there’s a card or 2 remaining & after 3 or 4 times & no useable card it seems almost like it’s rigged that way. Some of these quests are impossible to complete:(


I agree. My club is about to start ignoring the club quests because they simply aren’t worth the effort. To fix them, add more rewards for the same level of effort.