Club quest participation

Instead of showing who unlocks the free gift, I would like to see who had completed the club quests.


i completely agree on this! Can’t track who is even participating, and since it requires 22 out of 25 players, it would be nice to know who is not participating and not allowing the team to complete the quests.

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That would be the best thing!!!

Then tuck box could be changed to show who has completed the club quest.
Or, ring back the automatic post to game chat to say xxxxx has completed the club quest etc. Many people think this would be much more helpful.

How does one get at minimum 15 participants to unlock FREE gift!? I think we’ve been down to 2 and then we’ve got to start all over

Hi @SWEETP13FOX, we started by reminding the other members in chat to unlock the free gift. Of course, that won’t help those who don’t pay attention to chat, but that’s where you (or the leader if that is not you, has to decide whether to keep people who don’t pay attention to chat.

After a while, we started just saying 5 left, 4 left, etc, which helps as a reminder, and also gives those who don’t normally chat an easy way to participate in chat.

Yes I agree, and have also tried the “how many left” we get down to 2 everytime and lose it. Everytime… I dont get it!

I think that just means you only have 13 members who play everyday and know what to do.