Club Quest Completion

Is there a way to know who has actually completed a Club Quest and who is just saying that they have completed it?

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Unfortunately, no. One of the requests to the programmers is to change the free gift check mark so it checks when players max. My suggestion is to keep submitting that to the help center in the game. Hopefully, the squeaky wheel will get greased!


I have noticed lately that there is a message sent in chat. It states " Player’s name, completed perk!"


I haven’t seen that yet, Sonya. Hopefully it happens, because not knowing who is completing the CQ’s is very aggravating. It is VERY important information to have - especially if completing the Quests is a club requirement.

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I agree Mz. I have been watching team and getting help from the tallies of each member to see who is helping. I just put in chat that a team cleaning is going to happen at reset. This has had a huge impact and members have stepped up. It let’s me know who will be cut. It’s a hard decision to make but a necessary one.

I’m fairly certain it just means that that players clubpoints they just earned competed the required amount of c.p.s. for that particular perk.

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@Sonya_Hankins I that was just the last team member who was working on the club quest. It’s informing the team it’s done. They could have just completed their first efforts toward the CQ, but not the maximum points towards it.

In our Gang we have a maxed list in our notes, so once a member has maxed they post in chat and there name gets added to the maxed list, which everyone can see, it gets reset once Quest is over and then we start again

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The maxed list is helpful; however, I do wonder if sometimes people post “maxed” when, in fact, they haven’t. It would be VERY helpful if the TriPeaks IT folks could come up with a way to verify that players have actually completed a quest.

As a player how do I know if I’ve “maxed” or me the goal?

Hi, Amanda. When you have maxed the Club Quests, a green checkmark will appear at the Quest.

Welcome to the Tri Peaks Forum!!! I have found it to be VERY helpful!

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