Club participation

I was removed from my club this morning after having maxed the quest the night before! I suspect a misunderstanding, but I have no way of engaging team leaders. All my progress is lost, just 2 days before event ends! I’m frustrated

I assume that they did not have a Facebook page, which is an ideal way to communicate, if you would want to and if they still have an opening you can rejoin by using the discover tab and searching for the club there, I know myself I have almost accidentally removed players simply by scrolling through our club, one wrong swipe of the finger, I’ve also fumbled with my device and almost removed someone, if this is not an option you can find another club Good luck!

I agree with other Tracy that it is easy to hit wrong line and delete person. If the leader does not know your real name they can not find you. It us up to you to search for club and try to get in.
Team Mates has an opening. 18kpw, 100 tributes min. 24 hr. Idle unless we know.
We have some players playing in 30-40+ or more, and some hanging on. We do chat and players have said they like the team. I am also looking for a co- leader.