Club notes help

How does club notes work? Can members leave notes or just the leader?

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I dunno. I am.a leader and don’t have them. Maybe it is just being tested right now

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It is a feature for leaders and co-leaders to use. The rest of the team can only read it. I am a tester for it and I can’t edit notes as a regular club member. The notes pop up when you open the club chat. I think that as soon as the game is opened club notes should automatically open… ya know specifically for players that never read the chat. I am sure if they enable that feature there will be unhappy people saying they don’t like it automatically popping up. Perhaps there can be a check mark added shown as it is read to disable it until the note is edited again. That’s my 3 cents!!!


if you don’t have Club Notes yet, uninstall & reinstall your app!