Club Notes feedback

How long will it be before everyone in the same club has the same thing? Our club leader does not have club notes but other members do

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We don’t know. Hopefully testing will go smooth, than the best answer will be sooner than later. There never is a set date to release a new feature because it all depends on testing. Once testing is done and glitches are corrected, than it is released


If you don’t have Club Notes yet, uninstall & reinstall your app! That worked for me :slight_smile:

Lol, I have to change this message, because discourse thinks I’m spamming :slight_smile:

GLITCH?! Our clubnotes disappear rather than have to be deleted. I’ve asked the other club leaders & they all say they haven’t deleted them. I wish the club notes would remain until one of the leaders deleted them. We use the club notes to post weekly news and club expectations for new members.


Definitely send feedback about the notes! I agree that notes should remain until whomever wants it deleted actyally deletes it!


Diana, like you, the clubnotes disappeared without anyone deleting them. But, that was the first day only. Since then, the notes have stayed. This is our 3rd day to have them.


Ours came back too. I’m grateful because I was getting frustrated typing everything out all the time. Lol