Club merging together

Hi are there any clubs out there wanting to merge?we have 17 players (once was a good team but hey ho things happen)but only 7 or 8 strong players,the others don’t go for tributes or read chat (frustrating)we want players that communicate and play as a team should and have fun!! If there is anyone message me on Facebook my name is Jayne price and our team is Solitarians :slight_smile:


Hi! we are tikitwotoes our team just lost half our players. Let me post this on our chat and see how they feel, but it seems like a good fit!

Hi, we might be interested if the other one didn’t work out for you. Tried to find you on Facebook but there are too many of you. Lol
If you profile pic matched it might work.
We are laid back, without a lot of pressure.

Hey I’ve tried talking to the club members but I have not had one reply. I even asked if they wanted me to leave, still no reply. I’m not that great a player but it’s hard to get money so I wait all day and end up playing late at night, which is starting to take a toll but it would be nice if they would just speak once and a while. I’m thinking about just leaving but I love to play. I don’t know what to do. I guess I better decide soon! deb

@Sassy66 if you can do 6k points a day come to little gems we always get all perks. We’re short a player

@Jayne_Price hey Jane I would consider merging we could do with a few good players we’re 6k per day & we always get all perks. Our club name is Little gems

I’m not that great but there’s only 3 players in our club that plays. I’d be interested to talk to you about it? Deb Helloz club

Hi sorry haven’t been on the forum for a while …we would gladly have you sassy . Solitairians we are called :slight_smile:

Hey mags sorry not been on the forum for a bit…ill talk to the other players and get back to you :slight_smile:

@Sassy66 I can’t find your club lol

Just had a look at yours mags and theres about 7 or 8 of us …thanks tho :slight_smile:

Feel free to give us a try…good day. We love chatting about the game, helping each other, tips, sharing etc Always conversations whole day. We have 2 shifts, reason is most is in America and 2 in SA. With the time diff, SA takes on SA’s day shift, USA night time, and USA day shift, SA night time…Hope it made sense LOL…but we pop in and hang around longer to play with each other, chat and compete. If someone needs a boost and cheering on, we hang around as cheerleaders especially when we out of coins. We don’t just log off, we stay on to cheer our team mates on. So that’s us…good day…

If you’re still looking (or anyone else that’s commented here), we’d be interested in merging. We have about half a team of active players and can’t seem to bring in anybody decent lately. We used to be really good, it’s a shame. We’re called Zuka Zama.

We are keen if u still up for it. We are called good day

Hiya how many active players do you have?you can check us out we are Solitairians :slight_smile: