Club leader gone missing 62 days...HELP!

HELP !! My club leader has not played in 62 days!!! How can we kick her out & one of us take leader position? We dont want to loose our club points. So what is the fix fid this? We are totally spinning our wheels going no where FAST! Thanks…

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There is no fix if you cannot get her to get back on and change one of you to the leader. You have to start a new club. (At least for right now. Don’t have any idea what the future might hold.)

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Thanks for taking the time to advise me. I was afraid that was going to be the answer!

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I read about a team and they invited those in their team to join the new club. Said it worked out great. You do lose the noted points earned while being in the club but better than having a dormant leader.

This is my issue now. Our leader and co-leader are missing. 60+ days now. Luckily we do have one co-leader that is still active. I cannot figure out how to start a new club. I saw an option to do so but it just led me to “discover new clubs”

I have never started a new club. I have been in my club for quite a while. I am going to get @CindyLu to hopefully answer your question and we will both learn something new. I do know it costs some coins to start up a club. Hope she can help. :+1:

@Masking73 should have tagged you on this.

Hi @Masking73 and @Kokua, it does cost to start a new club. 5,000 coins… which is nothing all things considered. Here is screen shot:

Club charges for a new club

To start a new club, you have to first leave your club. Then, when you tap on the Club icon, in the bottom right corner, it’ll give you a choice of Join, Find, or Create (or something like that).

If you have others in your club you would like to follow to the new club, I would decide on a name first, and post it in chat before you leave.

Pick a unique name with no spaces, so it’ll be easy for the others to find,

Good luck Melissa, keep us posted, and if you have anymore questions, ask anytime!

Thanks @CindyLu. You are the best!!


Thank you so much. We are down to 8 members that are actually playing. I really appreciate the help.


My leader has been AWOL over 60 days. I contacted the game support and they posted a note in Club that if leader was absent for 7 more days a coleader or member would take over. I am a Co Leader so we will see what happens tomorrow.

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Wow, that is soooo way cool! Yay for you @bjahil47! I haven’t heard of that before, but maybe there is hope for some clubs in that situation! Keep us posted!

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Yeah! They made the leader coleader and me leader. Then I just removed him from the club!


That’s awesome @bjahil47!

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Glad to know there is a remedy. This happens way too often.

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