Club “KPT” is now recruiting for next cycle.

I’m the co-leader of Club “KPT”. We are a new club and now looking for members to build a team that are active, chatty, running the quests and hitting the target together. We have simple club rules of 2k min per day and 20k per week. We are targeting to reach ranking of under 1000 in a month. Currently we are ranking at about 1800. It might be difficult at start but once we have a team of active players, life would become easy for all of us. We also have a plan to promote 1-2 members to co-leader (since all leaders we have now are in the same time zone which we found it hard to manage the club) which gives you a great opportunity to discover more than just being a member. Please check out our club by searching “KPT” if you are interested and click request to join. Our leaders would response shortly.