CLUB KIKI RECRUITING- seeking serious player

We are a great team seeking a serious player and we have an opening currently (March 3)

We are positively motivated of reaching the top and we are competitive in our club and club tournaments.

If you are a daily player who wants to be at the top, you have found the right team… TEAM- we are a team who works hard and has fun in reaching all quests especially the club quest. We work all perks in our club sequence.

We have reached Platinum and Gold levels, currently We are #1 in the Gold level amongst other clubs.

If u are idle 18 hours or your club status without communication, one is subject to elimination.
We play respecting one another, we have fun and play hard.

It’s INVITE ONLY. Keep checking in because having a full team+everyone playing their part = Winning is our goal- Each member is competitive because we want -&-strive to be in the top 3 in our club and the Top 3 in Clubs status (such as we are # 1 in Gold level Status- we strive to be at the top.

Come join our awesome group.

  • searching for our team? Click on Clubs, Discover, type KIKI
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I tried to find you, but of the ungodly amount of clubs named kiki (lots of ppl with no imagination…lol), I couldn’t find it.

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Friend me on Facebook and I can send u how to instructions

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Tiny Tim, its an easy find and we are there. As a current player, Click on Clubhouse, at the top, Click on Discover, then type in KiKi.
If you are accepted to join, you will then have to go to your current club and leave it. Otherwise, you will not be able to join.

Lastly, if you want to know how to do things, click on Menu in upper left corner of Solitaire TriPeaks homepage. Then, you will click on Help and Guide buttons to learn how to do things in the club. It will also teach you about clubs and how to search for those in particular, etc


TinyTim, My apologies! I performed a search as well and I could not find Kiki either until I searched and scrolled under

the Top 100 clubs - keep scrolling to 384,000 and it’s around Misfit Mountain
But u do have to keep scrolling from the 2,000,000 point level to Kiki Club.

Let me know if u have further questions

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Didn’t see ya anywhere near Misfit Mountain, how much does KiKi have right now?

This is like work…lol


If u have an opening I would be interested. I play every day…give gifts and I am a good player


QUINSYD1, I Believe that you would be a perfect fit for KIKI CLUB.
It will be easiest if you can send me a friend request on FACEBOOK and mention this blog.

I have NOTATED YOUR name.

One of our leaders have me the go ahead.

Fb- CC Crockett, Brookhaven

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how to perform a successful search to locate KIKI Club–our clubs score is in 470,000’s- our score you will locate UNDER TOP CLUBS!

1- Is not located under discover

2- Perform a continual scroll until you reach around 470,000’s and you will find KIKI (alot.of scrolling and just keep pressing until you reach our level.

  1. Click on KiKi (SCORE - AROUND 470,000

your name will appear in the Leaders inbox, know that I are interested so t
That I can put in a good word.

Send me a Facebook friend request and let me know you found this notice on the forum.

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Tiny tim: look under top clubs and scroll , keep scrolling
From 2,000,000’a to the around 695,676’s and you will find KiKi, Invite Only and click Join Club

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