Club Fancy Pants looking for daily players!!!

Help us out my players. We are looking for people who will play daily and help out getting the club competitions finished. We aren’t a top 10 group but we do like to compete against the others. So we are looking for commitment but we are not a crazy “You must get 1 million club points a day” club
So check us out! There are a few clubs with the same name as us just look for the leader with the name Irish Rose and that will be us
Happy Playing!!!

I am looking for a new team to play with. Might be just the fit I am looking for.

Well come and give the club a try :grin: We are a quiet group that just enjoys playing the game but still be competitive

How do I find y’all? Or do you find me? I am presently in the club Chunky Monkeys.

Go into your club and click on the discover tab at the top and type in the search for a club put in Fancy Pants and we are the club with $141k club points. I have one spot left. I tried to find you but there are a lot of Chunky Monkey clubs :grin:

Found &joined. Thank you.