We are consistently top 10 Diamond and always complete All Perks and Club Quest. We have a fun group that work together as a team. New members must agree to accept and commit to our Club requirements.
Club Requirements: 1. Only positive comments. 2. NEW- 2,000 CP BEFORE IDLE 3. Minimum 35K/week but aim higher. 4. 150 Tributes minimum. 5. Daily Club Quest and notifying in Chat when you complete is MANDATORY. No using the name Guest.

Reply if this sounds like a good fit for you.

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This sounds good, I am interested. Can you tell me your perk order, please. I am a committed player but can’t do it alone. It’s good to know you complete all club quests and finish perks. I would have no problem meeting your requirements.


Lakeparadise, our Perk order is 126345. Our Club is very team oriented and everyone is accountable for their fair share.

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I found your post about your Club dismantling and just wanted to say that I am sorry that you and your club are having to deal with that. A lot of us on Dunedain have been together for a while and it would be tough suddenly having them all dispersed.

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Hi Lakeparadise, I wanted to check in with you to see if you were still looking to join a new Club tomorrow and if you were still interested in joining Dunedain? We’re holding a spot but if you’re no longer interested we can open it to someone else tonight. Please let us know.

My team leader has decided to try and stay with it with more help from the co-leads. Since I am a co-lead I feel I should do what I can to help. Thank you so much for your interest. Wishing you and your team all the best.

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I am happy to hear that everything is working out so your team can stay together. Thank-you for letting us know.

Hello teamDunedain, I’m Teetee I’m very interested in joining your team. I’m at level 360, I’m consistent at collecting my tributes, helping out my teammates and completing daily challenges. I’m a strong, consistent, considerate, helpful team player. Please take me into consideration in joining your team. Thank you and hope to hear back and be apart of your team

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Hi Tina, we will have an opening today and would be happy to have you join our team. We’re going to be invite only so look up Dunedain and request to join. We look forward to seeing you.