Club DIG competition

I wish there was a way for leaders to remove members who qualify to enter the club dig competition for gold! I have members who qualify and don’t play. It is fairly new so I have posted the club rules for the competition: stating “ If you choose to qualify to enter: you must participate. 15 shovels min. We are ranked with other teams based on how many qualifying members and it is weighted- so if your slot counts as a possibility of 24 max digs”. Any other leaders with this issue? Any suggestions? I get that I can remove a member. Please don’t suggest that.


This one most definitely requires team effort and communication! Indeed a frustrating issue


Right! The members that don’t participate are the ones that put up substantial club points. So I will just take what I can get for now :smiley:


Also, frustrating is when people waste shovels starting new holes instead of continuing to dig in existing holes to go deeper to find gold. I’ve posted this several times and still all the new holes like they’re playing tic tac toe. Lol


That is the problem I have with my team. Players get impatient and just want to dig rather than waiting to team up and piggyback off each other.

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@Zoonascar88 That is the worst! I have one that comes on and starts 6 new holes then leaves. It is so infuriating! She has never chatted, so I think there must be a language barrier. I even have the Competition Rules in Club Notes…nothing gets through to this player.


We chose a team member to be the competition leader. That person chose 3 full lines on the grid and those lines were posted and repeated numerous times in the chat. No one started a new hole until all gold was found. A max of 4 holes open at a time. We coordinated in the chat and came out on top. I think it gave our team member who chose those rows a sense of pride. We chose a new member for next dig.


I’ve participated in this competition and our club has come first twice so far. One thing to bear in mind is that not everyone manages to even win games every time, and even if they do it’s a huge effort for just one shovel. We work as a team but it does seem like a military operation when choosing where to dig, especially when some members seem obsessed with giving directions to the rest of the team. Surely this takes the fun out of the competition.

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I shared this with my core group on the team and they all really liked this concept. We are going to give it a shot tomorrow. Thank you for your advice. Cheers! To love of the game and doing a tiki dance


It does take the fun out of it when it’s too militant. Agreed! Trying to find balance is key.

My club is probably what you guys describe as too militant on calling out dig spots. Because if someone isn’t listening and wasting shovels then its a lost cause. Some of the club competition games cost a lot of coins to win to ensure you get shovels. So definitely irritating if people aren’t listening and throwing away any chance at winning enough gems to recoup the coins spent to get shovels


We call out where we dug and also when gold rays showing but still have rogues going off on their own


I think it is a universal problem. For us it is English as a second language so we follow behind and finish the holes. We all get along great this wY

Our people were digging a bunch of holes then we wrote in comments for all players to dig together. So now we dig then write what holes then the next players know where to dig

Thanks for the tip! I’m one of those new hole diggers :grimacing: but now ive learned from you guys not to do that!


Oh yeah it took me a few to learn the actual game to. It’s hands on learn as your playing😊

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Hi Callie! Well the good news is that you aren’t anymore​:+1:t3::grin:. When the dig first rolled out no one knew what they were doing. As a leader I had read up on the competition but as players, we all just play to have fun. And it is a fun game!!! So it wasn’t expected that my members would read up and read blogs. Props to you for doing that. Wish you were on my team -Perkini

We are definitely having this problem. We have rules set up for digging similar to ones discussed here. Don’t dig alone-tag team with teammates. Don’t dig random holes. Don’t qualify if you’re not sure you can play the comp, etc. They’ve been posted in our Notes and discussed frequently in chat. The problems are with the people who never check chat (or look at the notes). They qualify but never dig-we count on everyone who qualifies to dig. And they dig random holes all over the board, like moles. I was hoping to find a clue about communicating with members who don’t check chat. Is there any way to get their attention other than through chat? I hate booting someone who has high scores, but it’s not fair to players who follow rules to let others ignore them. My co-leaders and I are beyond frustrated.

@Jeannie_Borsch You can try creating a Facebook/Discord group, but it also is not a guarantee the club members will join.

I love doing the club competition but have had issues where i qualified with my team and then get booted within minutes meaning i can’t compete with any other club because i usually qualify just before it starts which also means i wasted the coins and miss out on rewards. Or i play the entire competition and finish tribute cq and get booted before i can collect. If i help your team, I’m looking to be on the team. I prefer upper level teams because it’s more competitive and rewarding but if i idle because I’m waiting for coins or something and haven’t gotten minimum requirements, i get booted and that’s not fair either. People shouldn’t get booted within 10 minutes of joining a team for idling too soon. It could be an internet issue which where i live, always happens and can take hours before i can get back in. I always plays cqs and max most cqs but it’s hard to keep up with demands when you lose your points for having to join another team.