Club daily points

I joined a new club last night & didn’t get my daily club points today. How can I get those points? Is there a reset of 24 hours?

If you mean collecting the perks you have to collect those every day. Perk 5 has a chest in it, so the chest you can save for later

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No. I mean club points you receive every day, usually 1000 coins. Not perks or club quests

Club points are earned, so if you joined a new club you would have to play to get club points for the new club. If you mean bonus awards you get iin INBOX, then yes, it is daily if you haven’t already gotten it from the prior club you were in.


I think I get what you mean @Brittany_Harper. Are you talking about the Daily Bonuses in your Inbox? There is the Daily Bonus you get whether you are in a club or not, and then the Daily Club Bonus, the 1000 coins (plus other perk benefits), that you get when you are in a club, right?

These do reset at a certain time, usually around midnight, every night. Have you received it again since asking?