club competition- getting booted

Clubs should not be able to boot players that are contributing all their spare time to playing. I help every team I’ve been in and yet I keep getting booted in the middle of the competition after I’ve used all my shovels or in the process of maxing major cqs. This shouldn’t be allowed. I don’t jump from team to team for perks. I simply play for the team I’m in. When I played all night due to waking up not being able to sleep, I finally went to bed and woke up 2 hours later booted from my team. Now i can’t collect for anything i helped with, including completion. This is happening way too much! I’m about ready to forget this game. I’ve been playing for several years and i know how to help my team but they won’t let me. No one can afford to buy coins all the time. Sometimes i have to wait until i get rewards or coins from friends. I feel I’ve proven myself over and over and still get the shaft every time.


Wanda, if you can get 2k a day, find 100 tributes each week and communicate my club Friende would love to have you. We understand life happens just let us know. (We have only booted maybe a handful since the clubs started)

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I just experienced the same with my team that gave me the boot. I love the game and cannot afford to buy extra. So like you have to wait until I got enough coins to continue. If they had an issue why didn’t they contact me to explain why they where going to give me the boot. I didn’t play as much as I was on holidays at the lake. I used my data and always contributed in all Shovel competition and tried to get as many tributes as I could but I guess it wasn’t enough to contribute to their standards. Just joined a new team so hopefully I will be accepted for what I can do when I can do it :pray:t2:


Hey @Wanda_Crouch and @Bernermom if you can meet these rules The Resty Place would love to have you. Let me know what you think. :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, welcome to the forum!!


Come join DJ’S we are looking for loyal players

I had the same issue, I can’t play all day. I started my.own club it’s called Have Fun we don’t have minimums. You are welcome to join

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Search for and ask to join Fishy’s Palace. We are a fun group, I think you will like it here, I know I do!

Come join Laine Hardy Fan. If you’re playing daily, contributing, & have a name other than Guest I can’t imagine you getting booted. It’s a good group of people that play for fun & understand we all have lives outside of the game.

We welcome new members. Give us a try.

As a co-leader, we only boot people who do not meet all our requirements. Not chatting is a huge problem. You can meet every other requirement but if you do not chat by saying hello and that you have read the club notes, you will be removed. A lot of teams require chatting because of the club competition. I am not sure if this is why you are being removed but just thought I would let you know. Good luck in finding the right team for you!


Come to Sasha sea 's. We play 4 fun and don’t kick players who look for Teamwork. But we have the Problem that some players join the Competition and do nothing. It is unfair that they earn the gems. If you are Not able to play you can say it. Sorry 4 my not so good way to explain… im from Germany. But the most Player s in the team are from USA. We look 4 Teamplayers who have fun to play together.

Glazed and Confused is your club! We are a Gold team. Never more, but never less. Two rules are 5000 points AND nor more than 2 days idle a week UNLESS you let us know in the Club Note. So long as you tell us ahead of time you are having a busy week, we do not boot ANYONE.

Hi babe request to join Quest Hunters we have very few rules and would welcome you xx

Hi Wanda,

Welcome to the forum! I’m sorry that you are having trouble finding a good club. There are great clubs out there! Please don’t give up finding one!

There are a lot of good players and a lot of good teams! Unfortunately it seems, they don’t always find each other. Or it takes a few tries, before you find the right match.

Without knowing the specifics, it’s hard for me to know why your previous clubs may have booted you. But as a co-leader, I can tell you some of the common scenarios, that get players booted from our club.

  • Joining the team and not meeting the minimum before 1st idle.

  • Idle longer than 24 hrs w/o communication

  • Not completing CQs consistently

  • Qualifying for the dig but not earning shovels/not meeting min shovel requirement.

We are currently a Diamond Club. One issue that we seem to encounter on a pretty regular basis, is players coming from lower teams taking a long time to max CQs. We strive to complete all CQs within 20 hrs. In case, we need to bring helpers or 2nd accounts, there is a time cushion, because not all the leaders are in the same timezone.

A lot of players, especially those coming from lower leagues, like to wait until hour 23.5 to max. As a team, we pride ourselves on completing Cqs, so that everyone gets perks! The faster we complete a CQ, the faster we move on to the next one.

There have been times that we’ve completed a CQ in 10-12 hrs. Unfortunately, this means that we can’t wait for all players to accumulate the funds to complete the CQ. I wonder if this might be the case with your previous team?

Yesterday, we had someone join our team, and they were unable to get the 2k necessary, before their first idle, because they were out of game $. Unfortunately, we were not the right team for them.

I understand the $ and time issue. But please be honest with yourself and team about the amount of resources you are able to contribute. If you are running low on game $, I wouldn’t suggest joining a team above the platinum league, because you will probably have trouble keeping up with the CQ demands.

For example, our last tribute quest was for 176 tributes and the payout was 920 gems. It takes a lot of $ and boosters to acquire 176 tributes, especially if you have to refresh early.

I’ve been in your position. It’s not fun, worrying about whether your team is going to boot you. Or wondering if you have enough game $ to complete a CQ.

It honestly took all the fun out of the game. I also don’t spend real money on the game.

So, in order to acquire $ and resources, I had to go to lower ranked team for awhile. There I was able to build a bit of cushion. If you don’t wish to spend actual $ on the game, I think this may be a good option for you.

You could spend a few weeks in a rest team, collecting $ from watching ads, collecting from the friend center, playing DQs on lower levels, getting your daily login bonus, etc. After a few weeks you can starting looking for a new team.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!


I would say read every note and club rule posted, especially if a team is crazy for Digging. If you use your shovels the wrong way, dig random holes without using chat, they will boot you.
I always make sure to know EXACTLY what they expect and if not sure, ask! Communication is important on both sides. Good luck to you


Come to We Want Perks! We would not boot you unless you violate the rules consistently. We help and support each other. We have an opening now. We are a diamond team, we complete all the perks usually by end of day Sunday and complete the perk 7’s when they come up. We are big on communication(chatting).

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I am sure you have gotten several notes about joining other teams. My club Sisters N Brothers has a couple open spots. Check us out…read our club rules and if you are interested send me a pm on FB my name is Julie Irish, I use the same picture😊

I am sure you have gotten several notes about joining other teams. My club Sisters N Brothers has a couple open spots. Check us out…read our club rules and if you are interested send me a pm on FB my name is Julie Irish, I use the same picture😊

I know what you are saying. I got bumped from 4 teams and I don’t even know why. I’m now on a new team and they are great. They communicate all the time through the club notes

This is great info, I would say a gold club is better for you if you constantly run out of coins. X

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