Club champions at 52 weeks

Where are the so called rewards for being a weekly club champion or at least being in the top 3 it’s been a year but nothing just like your complaint and restitution for the lost items when your game glitches and complaints department


Ive asked this question and never an explanation! Why promote something you’re never going to make good on??

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I thought this was a great announcement but now the ambition of the crown wearing is just my same old look🤣.
I think the special event weeks would be a great addition as they announced in the beginning soooo long ago.
I think this would Give teams A new energy to get players that rest at the bottom some motivation :woman_shrugging:t2:
Maybe sending a feedback ticket will remind the developers of this😊

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**I’ve been club champion every week from the beginning a still received nothing. It’s a waste of time

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Welcome to forum @michael2
So looks like the updated things and there is NO mention of a prize just a crown😢
This is what I found under the help section of the game- key word search Club champ …
**i think the top 3players should receive something a litt extra not just a crown,

How do I become Club Champ?

The top three players in your Club can be recognized each week with a crown on their portrait for extra bragging rights!

How it works:

  • Be in a Club with 15 players or more
  • Play games and earn Club Points
  • Finish with the most Club Points every Thursday to win a crown on your portrait and bragging rights for a week
  • Once you collect your Perk Celebration from your inbox, your Crown will appear on your portrait!