Club Boxes disappearing

Is anyone else having problems with club boxes disappearing? If I purchase one and someone else in my club also purchases one of the same size and I open theirs before mine, when I go back to my inbox, mine is GONE!! This has happened multiple times. I open s ticket and customer service sends me a log saying I got it. Well technically I did get it, it just disappeared before I opened it! I’m now out 3 medium club boxes, 2 of which were doubles. How do I prove something disappeared? I’m really angry that these aren’t being credited to me! I keep getting the same CS person, who obviously won’t help me! Any ideas? Anyone else going through this?

We had the same problem with 2 team members. I posted here yesterday and was told it was flagged for tech support.

Its happened on multiple occasions. Its really aggravating that this glitch hasn’t been found and corrected. The Customer Service rep acts as if its impossible and doesn’t help. I hope I get flagged and helped!!
Thank you for letting me know, I’m not alone!

I would reply to tech support to request a different person that may understand what you are saying keep that ticket open, also the respond I found in regards the other flagged post is ::
Hi Folks - you will need to contact our Player Services department about this. It is a known issue, and one we’re working to fix, but to get properly reimbursed, please contact our staff.

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The same thing happened to me last time there were double thanks. I purchased a gift box as did a number of my teammates. Mine disappeared :neutral_face:

Our team has lost the link to the shop for both the free gift and club box this afternoon. Maybe they are working on it

The exact same thing has happened to me and another member of our club. Fortunately, support reinstated the gift box for both of us. One tip for future reference - open the gift you bought before any others. That seems to help prevent it. However, this is clearly a bug and needs to be addressed.

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We figured it out but yes, needs to be fixed! I like to open mine last so I’m not holding up anyone’s THANKS coins. I also like to open them 1 at a time so I’m not using a free play on a board that cost less than 3000 coins. Wish they’d fix it because support is awful to deal with… especially Armani!