Cloudy Crest the very final level?

Is Cloudy Crests the final land forever?

I ask because where level 1050_will be looks like a portal to another dimension. Another land, or the end of new programming?

I certainly hope it’s the end of the paradise (torture) levels. We have 216 levels in beaches, only 162 in Skies, then a disproportionately large number of levels in Seas (700) and five times the number of Beaches levels in Paradise (1,050 at the time of this post). Without golden tiki, the vast majority of the paradise levels are unwinnable. 23 of the paradise levels (that I have discovered so far) pay you LESS than what it cost you to play the hand when you WIN the level. So yeah - I sincerely hope they are done with paradise levels.

Interesting! I had not scrolled to the end. With all the changes they have been making I would not think it would be the very last level. Hopefully a new land. It will be interesting to see what happens when they open up that last section and we get there!!