Claim Reward Button on Quests

WARNING! This is only to the people who have “Claim Reward” button on quests.

Be sure to check that you get your reward. I have not gotten mine probably 10 times now, usually free plays but a wild card last night. For instance, I had opened my club bonuses last night and was ready to claim 2 Free Plays on a quest I finished. Because I’ve had this problem, I checked to see how many free plays I had before claiming. I had 10. Sure enough, when I hit the Claim Reward button for the 2 free plays, when I clicked on a game, still had 10. Best to check everything before hitting button, including coin total.

They’ve been very good and reimbursed me every time, but seems to be a glitch in this.


I have found when I wait to claim a reward I never get the reward so I don’t play quest until I have time to play all.


Same as Zinger, I have waited to claim free play rewards to finish another quest like hurray for hearts quest so I wouldn’t use them for collecting hearts and low and behold clicked claim reward and It didn’t give them to me. But Tripeaks support has been really good about getting them to me when this happens.

But that defeats the purpose of the button. It’s meant to allow you time to take a break. Other purposes come in handy. For instance, I had that 30 minutes of free play today, and wouldn’t you know it, first quest gave me 2 free plays. Not gonna claim free plays while in middle of 30 minutes of free play, would have been a waste. So I waited till I was done to claim. Luckily this time it gave me the 2 free plays.

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I totally agree that defeats the purpose but that had been my experience. … Everytime I wait to claim I don’t receive reward, I haven’t tried for awhile maybe they have it fixed.

I found that if I hit claim, give it a split second to record my prize, then hit Continue real quick (before the new quest appears), the next quest’s timer doesn’t start until I go back to the quest screen.

This way, you don’t have to wait to claim, and chance not getting it… and you don’t have to play until you are ready.