Choosing perks upto the leaders only

I think it would Solve a lot of problems of maybe the leader of the group chooses wich perk to play on and the team atomaticly plays the same one we always have trouble getting everyone to play the same perk because sadly not everyone uses the chat function

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@Carola_Regina_Robben, I’m not 100 % sure, but I think the all leaders and coleaders who have updated their app have the ability arrange the perk order. Are you a leader or coleader, and do you not have that feature?

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Yes i am leader of the group fun4all and no i do not have that how does of werk?

Cindy Lu can probably tell you how it works. I’m not a leader, so don’t know. But I was also thinking all had received this ability. Maybe a little coaching?


There is a button labeled reorder when you go to the perks in your clubhouse. Press reorder and it allows you to change the order of the perks.


Thank you, Swacha64!


Thanks i Got it now :heart::heart:


The player although can still move them selves which is a problem we having we have 2 or 3 that move n do what they feel they should what can I do with that as leader it upsets other team mates n confuses new people in club on what they should be doing

That’s when I decide they are not team players, and for the benefit of the club, I only keep the team players.


I’ve been feeling same way I ask for them to switch to where we all are and ignored they read chat also and comment except this issue

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