Choose when to use timed daily bonus rewards

The daily bonus rewards for 30 min free play, 30 min momo cards, and other timed rewards, should not start as soon as collected. Please have them go into the inbox so we can start them when we want, specifically when we are going to play and not at our first log in of the day.
Thank you


@Debbe_Stone_Saez, I agree! Most days I log on in the morning just to share free help coins, ask friends for help, see if it’s time to collect daily bonuses, etc, but am not ready to play seriously yet.

Same thing with quests. Sometimes I have time to play a couple games, but not enough time to complete a quest. I will not play even 1 game because I don’t want to burn a quest.


That would be a GREAT IDEA.


I knew I was getting 30 min of free play so I couldn’t open up my game until I knew I had free time. Would be great to pick when to use it for sure.


I agree on the 30 minutes of free play. I lost it this week when I didn’t realize it was NOW or lose it. I tried not collecting the bonus yet, but that didn’t work. Thanks for considering!


Yes!!! Please let us select when we collect. It would be great if there was just a message in your inbox and you clicked on it to indicate you are there for the day. Similar to the daily bonus.


Same here. I did NOT hit the collect button and just closed app hoping it would be there in the morning but it wasn’t of course. Sent a ticket but still lost it!


I am a bit lost on this subject…what 30 minutes of free play? I do not have this unless I purchase it with gems. Why do some clubs/players get some benefits that others don’t?


They test new features on some players. This is a new feature for daily login bonus. The old has 5 tiers of bonus for consecutive log in days. So far it changes each day and I’m on day 10 or 12 of consecutive log ins.


Thanks for the info Debbie! It’s a shame they can’t either roll it out to everyone or no one. I, and many members of my club, Tiki Bird, could really use a big boost! Some players have less than 100k coins and that is depleted in a day or two for some.


I did that today. As soon as I saw “30 minutes MoMo cards”, I pressed home. Didn’t collect coins, give free help or request help. I waited until I could play. It was still on the screen when I went back to the game. I pressed collect (or whatever it says) and then played. Nothing. Apparently the 30 min started before I collected.

The only problem with Tripeaks rolling it out to everyone, is if it has a problem, then they have nearly 2,000,000 people creating trouble tickets. Can you imagine how backed up customer service would be in that case? Aye-yi-yi! LOL


I don’t have the 30 minutes this and that yet either. I’m hoping they’ll fix it before I get it. LOL


Dana - some days it’s good and some days I would prefer the free play we used to get. Lol


im still on the 5+ free play version… i hope soon its released… i play this a lot. happy for you though!

it is worth it as i see previews for?


I absolutely agree and the same for free plays as well.


Now you can dismiss a quest once completed. The next quest won’t start until you dismiss the previous one. At least that is what I’m seeing. I don’t know if this is a test or if everyone is seeing that.


I agree completely! Sometimes I play when I have a free minute and would not be able to play for 30 minutes or an hour.


I’ve never seen a 30-minute free play bonus. How do you get this?

Excellent suggestion!