Choose extreme challenge

It would be beneficial if a club could choose the “extreme” perk to complete. There are weeks that we can complete it (85k) vs this week which is impossible (750k). This would make the game more fun.

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They rotate the extra perk every week. So this week it won’t be another 750k perk.

It isn’t impossible you just have to have your team play more and get more points those weeks.
Take the regular perk amout add the extreme amount divided by 25 and have each member get that amount by perk close. It is a lot of work but it can be done

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We take that time to bank up coins for the next game! Everyone pretty well liked a few days of no pressure.


I think the extreme perk is just too long. You get so tired of trying to hit it that I lose interest in hitting it.

There are many clubs that completing an extreme extra perk is a piece of cake for them.

I saw where someone suggested to let individual clubs choose their special perk. I really really like that idea! :slight_smile:

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