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We have the option to use the bomb, wave, trap cards etc when we choose; either at the beginning of or during game play.

Would it be possible to make the use of the Free Play cards optional also.

It would allow us to utilize the "30 min

  1. Free Play login bonus" without having to use our Free Play cards during this time. That is a little bit of double dipping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  2. During some Quests you are forced into lower levels that do not cost 3000 coins, the lower ones range between 50 to 2500 coins, and a Free Play should reflect a 3000 coin game in my opinion.
  3. Allow us to save them for when we are low on coins. :moneybag:
  4. Make another type of Free Play cards, perhaps a Tribute Game Card. Encourage people to play Tributes and then use them on any levels the Tributes land.
  5. Perhaps instead of selling 1 or 5 Free Play cards in the Gem Store sell 10, 20, 30 minutes of Free Play.

A lot of my teammates have commented on not being able to select when we use them.

Just some thoughts and ideas.

Thanks :wink:
@thepokemongo team :trophy:


I love the idea of being able to save our free games to play when we choose! I really hope they implement this idea soon. I did want to mention that it’s never used my free games when I had the 30 min free play. It just tacked them on the end and became available after the 30. Not sure why yours is doing that. Might want to contact trouble shooting and/or double check. Maybe it’s something they’ve already fixed?


It only happened once last night and I have contacted them and been reimbursed :blush:


I’ve seen some of the ideas and I have sent them via the feedback email as well. Being able to choose when to play free games would be great. Also, being able to choose when 30 minutes of free play (or Mo Mo cards or Red Star bonus) would be great.


I wish I had thought to add the Mo Mo Cards to my feedback and the free play time. Little things like this would really help I think.


I think you’ve hit on a great idea, first emoji! It would be great to use them when we’re low on coinage. Trib free plays are an outstanding idea! Especially since they’ve kicked the difficulty level to high. The 30 min free play kicks in at the worst moment! I’m ready to go to need and boom! I hope this makes it to an upper level advocate.

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@Sheryl1 thanks for your comments.
I have had the same experience as you with the the Tributes being on higher levels. I don’t know what level you are on, but I am currently almost done with Whale Pod Paradise. I think that the further you progress in the game the higher things like the Tributes default to. I have one on level one the other day day and was jumping for joy lol, giving mine I usually so high completing them eats all my coins :moneybag::worried: