Chill island gold club looking for 2 active players

Hi, I’m a co-leader of Chill island, a gold level club that is looking for a couple active players! Our minimums are 5k and 50 tributes per week. Most of us are more active than that, but very laid back and communicate if life/work will keep us from playing much. We typically get 4-5 perks each week and hit about half of our daily team quests. With a couple more players, we should be able to hit most. We love the club competition for gems too! If this sounds like a good fit for you, please request to join! We’d love to have you on our team!

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Hi i have been on a gold team for 10 months. I get 150 to 200 perks per week. Usually about 15k. I do the club quest but not a fan of club comp more than 1 x per week. I just got booted for agreeing that our club has become too regulated by team members that just joined. I am very frustrated. I just want to play and have fun and be kind to one another. This isn’t a job. Could i be a fit for your team?