Chest ripofff in gem rewards

Ok so the gems i have to work hard doe them we never rank high enough so we dont get a lot of them i finally saved 900 and bought the chest of 900 of raid the potentional valeu was beter en 48.000 and 168.000 and 10 reward cards. I bought it it opened and i Got 17.000 and 7reward cards wtf man i but coins now and then and get the same reward voor 1 euro then i did now after saving for so long .
I hope you will fix it and refund me because youre getting really cheap in add watching and end of perk chest are way lower then before club quest only in reach if the whole team plays wich never happens so plss fix or i will find another game


You need to report this on the support and not in the forum. This is not for the game people but for players.

Where can i find that

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Go to Menu in upper left corner of game, click on the Help Icon, at the bottom of the screen it says “Still need help? Contact us”. That’s an easy way to get help!! Good luck.

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