Cheers looking for new members

Club “cheers” is looking for friendly team players. We have been playing since 2017 and have decided to go invite only, tired of freeloaders that don’t do their part. Easy daily minimum of 1000 club points and 15 tributes a day. We like to do club challenges for the benefit of everyone. We need 5 to 10 new members.

Still looking for new players, goal is at least 5 chests per tournament and completion of club quests and club competition. Friendly group.

Can I get an invite please. Micah AZ is my user name.


Yes I will send it! Welcome!

I guess the best way is for you to look up cheers and request invite so we can add you. I’m new to club leader although been playing for years!

I was just kicked out of my club no reason given I play everyday and contribute looking for a new club

We’re looking for everyday players. Please find cheers and request so we can add you!

Hi, I am looking for a new club, I need a reduction in stress. Current club has 6K minimum daily and is becoming demanding to finish quests as soon as they appear. I like to play for fun, work together with team to compete in competition. Thank you for consideration :slight_smile: Sk8

Sounds like a great match. Please find “cheers” and request. Our club leader Mike will let you in!

Time to play is looking for new members. Leader is Jody Co-Leader is myself Kelly

Hey Kelly! Please start your own thread for your team. You are welcome to join us at “cheers” but I don’t think that’s what you are looking for! Good luck!

We are looking for members. We are a gold team the club name is friende. The team is very encouraging and communication is important with the team. We require 2,000 club points before idle.

Debra please start your own thread, this is for club cheers.

First time recruiting sorry about that

Good luck!! Hope you find good players!

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Join team friende we just want players that play and communicate.

You’re still in the cheers thread.

I’m not sure how I keep ending up on yours lol

Would you be willing to join Bubba j
We have been playing for years and players are leaving all the time! I am a 2 account player and this is my second account! My other account I am a co leader and I could make you a co leader as well!