Chat Room change arrow to word chat

Would it be possible to change the arrow on the chat room to the word chat? I know a lot of people don’t realise it’s actually a chat room.


I agree, I suggested the same thing. Idk if this will work, but I’m attempting to show you a thread about the same thing:


Last June they said they were going to do something about making the Chat feature more noticeable. I guess we should just give up.

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@Susan_Murphy They announced in the blog that the new chat feature will be ready soon


It has been nine months, is that the gestation period for something that is one of the MOST necessary changes they should make. It affects every player, every of the 60,000 plus clubs! They change all kinds of other things but not anything as important! We have removed several new players this week because they do not respond to posts in chat addressed to them. They don’t see it!


I feel you! Our club has the same issues. It will come! And hopefully it will rectify players not noticing the chat, and I am crossing my fingers that it will be soon!


Soon is what they said last Spring! They do not know the meaning of “soon”. They added something about chat in the Guide in the menu but if someone thinks they know how to play, they will never read it. Have had to remove a couple dozen players the past few days because they do not respond to chats posted while they are playing. It is so frustrating.


Chat needs improvement

Maybe if the actual word chat can’t be put there dor space reasons a little face would indicate a char rooom better than the arrows.

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How about a sign that says “CHAT HERE”? We’ve asked for it for years. Please, please, please! It is NEEDED! It’s quite amazing that something that would help every club, every player, is something the game designers continue to ignore. So many thousands of players are removed from clubs every single day because they don’t respond to a chat post asking if they see the messages. If leaders don’t know you can read the rules of the club, why should we keep you in the club? Players complain because they were booted “for no reason”. They were booted because they don’t see that dangling dots thing and respond to a post directed to them. Please FIX this game problem.

It’s been some time since this has been discussed and yet still today, chat is unnoticeable to members. Many of my existing and new members aren’t able to reply to chat, some don’t notice a new chat, and I get that flag with no new message. Not to say it would be nice for the chat system to mirror our current text format, allow emoji’s