Chat Feature [Are you notified when members chat?]

I am curious to know how true this is about the chat feature in the game as we have a member who claims she gets a notification on her phone whenever there’s a chat going on, not just for coins, gift box, the usuals. My game is up to date and am using a mobile phone.

That’s interesting, I have not heard of this, the only notification I get is free coins. I’m wondering if they are testing a new feature?


I did tell the member that the game notification is usually when someone hits the blowhorn, relay, etc., but not the communication bewtween members and certainly not to alere a particular member.


Never heard of this - have been a tester for new features a number of times. But this one doesn’t sound right.

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I have never got notifications for chat. Only other things

Personally I don’t get notifications outside of the game but while playing you do

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