Chart to show who maxes club quest

Is the game rolling out a way for leaders and co-leaders to see who has maxed a CQ and who has not?


@155778, there are many people here who are hoping they will implement that! :slight_smile:


I definitely hope so… it’s beyond frustrating missing quests and not knowing who isn’t doing them!!!


Yes please! This has been up for conversation for too long now.


I think it would be a great idea to use the check boxes (for the club gift) to show who maxes the club quest instead. I would rather see who maxed the quest than who has unlocked the club gift…


That is such a good idea


We always just have members put Maxed! When they do.


Not everyone does that though.

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This would be great if we could see who has maxed club quest, I the co- leader do keep track of who does.

Why are people so bothered about these? Seriously, they are such a waste of time. They cost far more to get than you get back, as a so called reward. Concentrate on the perks and let the quests take care of themselves. Anyone who doesn’t play, misses the rewards so only the players on at the tine get anything from the club quests anyway! Just calm down people!


I hope so as a leader ,we have some that dont help. The only way I can do so is by looking to see who has written maxed in the message line. Which some dont do this . The serious ones will. But that takes away from my playing time

I’d would rather be able to see who completes CQ’s instead of who gives coins to people. I can’t see what I give so it’s pointless!

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I write down who maxes but, not everyone uses chat. Something to show us would be great

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I think that Club Quests are very important. There are some major rewards. They also bring the team together. If you play even one game, (that accomplishes what the quest asks for like stars or games won even games played) you have contributed to the club AND you will get the reward.

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The rewards are not ‘major’ on the club quests. They also cause you to use more coins and boosters than you get back. The perks are better, and you play as a team for them already. When you play the perks, the quests should follow, depending on the time zones you have in your club, if you are global.

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That’s exactly what our team does
Then I write down their names and keep a log on it. It is time consuming but as a leader it has helped.

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If the Quest is not complete then no one, even if they completed their part will not get the quest so. especially those that give Great amounts of coins should be played as a team. even if you don’t need the coins, someone on the team does. if the reward is only 4 wild cards or something then lag on it. it is a waste of coins. Just my opinion. and I am on a Great Team.

Same with my team ,but a chart would be awesome unless u have a secret available to write down players names who have maxed lol

As a new leader I have found not everyone is doing this. It’s quite obvious when it takes certain number to conquer Quest and not enough to win it and should have been over .

That would be awesome I know coleaders have limits