Changing the club rules. Help

Hi club leaders!! Our club has been around for a year now as well as some of our players. My problem is that some of them are only doing under 2000 points every perk while the rest of the club is doing anywhere between 10000 to 50000. Any suggestions to get the lower players that have been around since the beginning to step it up in the game? And what do you think is a happy medium for weekly club points to start off the new rules? Eventually I will change them but for now I would like to try to keep my current players. Heavy sigh it’s hard when you like everyone on your team


Hi @Irishrose, I started a second club just for that reason. That kept those who couldn’t play as much in the family, while being fair to those who played more. We move players between clubs all the time depending on what’s going on in their lives & how much time they have to play.


As Cyndylou suggests.
In my opinion, this is a a fair play. I have played with this approach in another game. We agreed to have a “Farm Team” PUBLIC; and eam A Invite. FARM for newbies, not wanting the fast pace, and players who were on hiatus. Takes off pressure for all. Thanks for the reminder.

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So how does that work? Because you can’t be on more then one team did you elect a player to be the leader of the 2nd club? And do you make the 2nd club invite only or both clubs? I am getting feedback from my club members and they want a weekly limit set and then ther are others that want to stay in the original group because they enjoy the players so much
Oh and one more question :grin: Do you go back and forth between the clubs or just monitor the 2nd club for activity or just leave them alone to be their own club?

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Good questions Irishhorse! I am trying to figure it out. I have a new club and seeing what I want in the club and why not. But no one talks! They read my messages but that is it. I want them to work the tributes but they don’t. The club isn’t that fun sometimes.

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We went through the same thing with no one reading chat so I had to put out a message that I was removing players who didn’t read chat and instructions on what perks to play and within a couple of days I started removing players from the group which made the others see that I was serious and that worked. It gets to be no fun for the leaders if they always are "policing " the group so I took a stand and ended up with some really good new players in the club and less stress


I have more than 1 account & I’m leader in that club too. I don’t ask for a lot from those members, so I don’t have to play a lot. :smiley:

If you want to create a new account, try these options:

Up until a couple months ago, we used to be able to log out of the Tripeaks account (to left corner in the game, Menu, Log out). If you are signed in with Facebook, then logging out is a separate account. You start from scratch. I played that account to create our 2nd club.

This option hasn’t worked on 3 of my devices lately. Tripeaks says they were aware of the problem and are working on a fix.

You can also use a second device to create another Tripeaks account. As long as you don’t “log into your Facebook account” in the game, it would be separate noon FB Tripeaks acct.

I have 4 devices, and 4 clubs now. Each one of my accounts are logged into 4 separate FB accounts. (I created 3 new FB accounts just for Tripeaks - I know, I’m obsessed! LOL).

If logging out doesn’t work, and you don’t have a second device, you can create the 2nd FB account. Make sure you are logged into your 2nd FB account on your device, then enter Tripeaks. It’ll most likely load your regular Tripeaks account. Then, when log out on Tripeaks, it’ll automatically load the new FB account. It may ask you to enter your FB login info the first time.

Having separate FB accounts, I can easily switch accounts on my regular main device, my cellphone.

This works out great for me, and our clubs. The word of advice I would give, is don’t let your 2nd club start caring about how many perks they get each week. Our 2nd club started caring, so now we ask for 10,000 points a week in that club. Which means me too LOL

I hope this all makes sense, I have to run, and can’t reread before posting :smiley:


Just be specific of club rules and if they cant meet the minimum tell them to find a club that doesn’t require as much…it’s not fair to those that are making lots of points and they will eventually leave for a better club and you will be stuck with the ones that score little

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Yep I hear you. It seems to have worked for now and the bottom players have started contributing more so we will have to see if they keep it up. If not I’ll have to start removing club players because I don’t have time to start another club for the peeps that don’t want to play on a regular basis. Thanks for your message


Ideally you need to score as a team 100k daily and to make things fair everyone has to score a minimum 4 k daily ,not everyone will score that but if you can get your players to improve its a good start

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