Changing club questions

My club is waning and I’m looking for a new club. I have questions:
1- if I leave my club do my points and gems go with me?
2- what about my friend sharing. Does it change? I am currently getting 3K per share. Will I get bumped down to 1k?
Thanks for the info.


When you change teams, you lose your club points - most people will change teams at tournament reset. You keep all your gems, booster cards and coins. You friends list stays the same (one way to keep ‘connected’ to people you liked playing with). If you were getting 3k per friend, that does not change - only if you start the game over with a new account, then you would get the lower amount

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Thank you! I was concerned about that. Thanks for answering my questions


If you play as a team member come join just4fun. We are a friendly group who play the club quests, tribute games and the digging is optional. We require you read the chat and chat when you are asked a question. There’s a lot of teams with the same name so if you look through the teams members, look for my profile pic.

Everything you have goes with you including friends. You have the option to change that whenever. We need great team players as we’ve lost a few top plyers. Like to get tributes? Quests? Join us. Texas Tributes. We’d be happy to have you.

If you typically play daily and are a team player getting your portion of the team quest done, I’d love to have you join my team… Our Tiki Family!!!

Exactly what DLW8 said!

If you are looking for a new team Melij and are a daily player, come join Showmetheapples. We are a friendly top 15 Platinum team and our perk order is 126354S. Our club rules are pretty simple: Daily minimums are 3500 Tributes and 25 Tributes, complete Club Quests, join our Facebook private group, and must use Chat upon joining, each time you max Club Quest and to let us know if you will be idle an extended period of time. Club competition digging is optional but if you qualify our minimum is to dig with a minimum of 10 shovels. Good luck with your decision.

Gems & friends do…points do not

you will keep everything

Plz look up us’ Aces" my wife is the leader and we have a face book page. Members from South America to Us in TN. Come and enjoy being on a Family like team that works together. Ty for reading…& hope you check out Aces…team